Fernández Diáz’s astonishment at the leaked talks

The political campaign brings a new controversy. Jorge Fernández Diáz appeared this morning after yesterday a private conversation with Daniel De Alfonso, director of the Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia had leaked  in the press. In these conversations, the Minister for Internal Affairs was very interested in trying to uncover dirt affairs on some leaders of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya with the help of De Alfonso. In addition , in this dialogue, Fernández Díaz said that “the Prime Minister knows,” which has aroused much controversy in Spanish politics and that he subsequently denied. From Emotion Research Lab we have analyzed Fernández Diáz’s astonishment at the leaked talks.

Fernández Diáz’s astonishment at the leaked talks

To the press, the Minister of Interior has shown mainly ASTONISHMENT throughout his appearance, so the surprise has dominated most of his speech. Fernández Diáz, confirming that he spoke with General Commissioner of the Judicial Police to launch an investigation, has shown WRATH and GRIEF, emotions dominated by fear and anger that the Minister conveyed on his words. Throughout the appearance, emotions dominated by astonishment have been consistent with his gestures and nervous and rushed speech. PANIC and ANXIETY when he is saying that “those conversations are private conversations” get their levels of self-control and security to decrease considerably, which harms their credibility. Particularly striking is the WRATH, GRIEF and REVULSION he shows when talking about the decision of the Parliament of Catalonia to handle the removal of De Alfonso, which could indicate the fear felt by Fernández Diáz to be himself the one asked shortly to revocate his charge. The Minister is perplexed and transmits ANXIETY and BEXTRAYAL at the request of his resignation by all parties without expecting any investigation, which again lowers security levels, making his message not credible.

All leaders of the major parties presented to the elections next Sunday have demonstrated their shock at these facts and called the imminent resignation of Internal Affairs Minister for these alleged conspiracies against his political opponents. It seems that for now, this will not happen because the Minister has stated that he is the “victim” in this situation and that talks that have come to light are “twisted, decontextualized and edited”.

Moreover, at Catalonia, the Parliament has met urgently to process a request for revocation of the charges against Daniel De Alfonso, who signed all political forces except Partido Popular.

Four days before the general election, the political campaign has been tarnished by this scandal will surely bring problems to Partido Popular in a key week for the Spanish political situation.