The wrath of the inaugural speech of Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy went to Congress to try to convince with his speech as a candidate to be inaugurated President of the Government. Rajoy was knowledgeable of the few options that you have. With the support of citizens and Canaria Coalition would get 170 votes in favor. He needs 6 more positive or 11 abstentions. Since Emotion Research Lab we have analyzed the inaugural speech of the President-in-Office to predict what will happen in the coming weeks in our country.

In a speech of more than an hour and a half, Rajoy began by noting the three axs of his speech, stressing that Spain needs a government urgent.

Mariano Rajoy began his speech by evaluating the reasons why it has chosen to present itself to this investiture. The anger and panic dominated his speech. He began his argument with high levels of confidence in a speech auto accomodating although these emotions is appropriated their speech referring to the need for a stable government and the possibility that if no triumphs his investiture, Podemos and the PSOE to resume relations.

The wrath of Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy made sharers to all parties represented in the Congress of the responsibility that in Spain is formed by order a Government. Something that after making a question with some derision, made in the Chamber to hear some murmurs. Rajoy hinted that the question was referred to the PSOE, since without their votes and with its denial, the third election are increasingly near. He was outraged and astonished, consistently with the situation that Spain is living and with the big parties could not reach agreement in the formation of a stable government.
Mariano Rajoy referred to the Constitution of 1812 before the laughter and the astonishment of the deputies from We Can, which made the face to them showing anger and decreasing their levels of self-control to be addressed. After this crossing glances, the candidate Rajoy tried to make a reference to the union of all Spaniards under a constitution.

This moment was perhaps the most complicated, caused by his defense of the unity of Spain before the secessionist threat of Catalonia. In fact, appointed him as the most crucial issue of a future government mandate. Mariano Rajoy has raised the flag of constitutionalism, inviting you to follow him all the parties that defend the unity and sovereignty of the people. It is a theme that will weaken and that has contributed to increasing their anger.

The candidate to the investiture has erred in its strategy. His speech was intended to open doors to dialog, to propose consensus and collective agreements. His constant anger betrays him as someone on the defensive that is seen in the painful trance of surrender to a situation in which he is imposed after always participated in Governments with an absolute majority. The emotional message transmitted is far from being the correct and follows the ascending line of tension of the policy in the face of a situation that seems very complicated. The emotional and political leadership  of the candidate has been called into question.