The emotions of the second session of the investiture debate

In view of the above, it may be more appropriate that measure to politicians, measure to the citizens and the result, insurance, would be the boredom. And is that after a debate almost 5 hours and an investiture failed with majority against, everything seems to indicate that we are very close to a third election. This is the analysis of the emotions of the second session of the investiture debate.

Do We will go to the polls on 25 December? The 60% of the behavior is predictable by the emotions. The emotions of each one of the leaders give us clues clear about the following steps.

A Sánchez dominated by its war staff with Rajoy

About Sánchez was expected to show its alternative to the situation of NO, NO and NO. But that was not to be. Sanchez i return to the same position of the face-to-face discussion with Rajoy while the anger was one of its main emotions. And that is that we must not forget that these waters come these muds, and the “Spain needs a decent president and you, Mr Rajoy, isn’t” revealed something that today is still patent. A war staff from Sánchez to Rajoy. In fact, the first intervention of Sanchez has been a direct attack and centerd on the person of Rajoy and not in the CP. But what is behind his anger? Rancor when Rajoy does not supported his investiture that appears, when we find the ecstasy of revenge.

Despite the attacks of Rajoy claiming to be reminded by being the guilty of lead to Spain to some third election, it is interesting to analyze which without doubt this process that we are living represents a pair of choice in regard to the strategy: or be brought to Spain to some third election or be the that prevented Rajoy govern. It seems the same thing, but no. And Sanchez, time, has chosen to keep unmoveable in be that gave Rajoy does not govern.

And in addition there are tracks very evident in their emotional reactions:

The CP agreement – citizens does not produces anger, rather a high neutrality. That is to say, which have come to the agreement does not appear to generate any kind of emotional tension and thus need for reflection.

His speech in some moments is marked by the elitism, and has focused his entire emotional burden in, with a momentum based on anger, to record a single message that Rajoy is not capable and has no credibility. And sometimes we see the emotion of disgust.

Therefore, will there be any change in the position of Sánchez? It seems that the answer is a clear no.

¿Do an alternative from the left?

Recalling that hope to see alternatives, yesterday saw a Iglesias extending a hand to Sanchez as a viable option on the left if the friday fail the investiture. But the sequence of emotional reactions of Sánchez compared to the outstretched hand of churches were the following:

Ecstasy of Sanchez when Iglesias thanked him that, despite not having taken a decision, have paralyzed a government of Rajoy. However, anger when Iglesias tells you have many different things, but have to be understood. In summary, we are pleased that Iglesias recognize its position, but He is not ready to negotiate an alternative from the left.

The role of Rivera

In their interventions we have seen very quiet and tempered. It is the least had to lose and it was noticeable. In his speech he repeated the words of the previous days stressing that “we are talking with those who do not speak and agreeing with those who do not agree”. It is without a doubt the most create something of “sense of status”.

The intervention of Rivera called the attention to the wonder and panic in the lock.

Of the various analyzes carried out to Rivera in the electoral process since last December, we have seen that it is the leader with greater independence of their emotions, thus resulting consistent their emotions with what verbalizations (regardless of which many times are different things). We could ensure that from the point of view of political leadership emotional, Albert Rivera has a projection interesting.

However, it is interesting to highlight that during his intervention, Sanchez showed aversion and disgust when Rivera is directed to him and, in contrast, Rajoy showed a total neutrality in their words

The irony of Rajoy and the nuisance to be there

The speech of the 30th Rajoy was without doubt an exercise of emotional containment that after the argument of three basic pillars on which bases its candidacy, we find ourselves with a Rajoy experiencing panic before an investiture that he already knew failed. A speech plane which became real anger when referring to the Constitution of 1812 and faced him directly to the rostrum of Pablo Iglesias.

Therefore, on the basis of the emotional reactions of each one of the leaders the answer is clear. We are coming to a third election. Another thing will be if someone puts remedy.