Engagement, emotion shown by Hillary Clinton

It highlights the positive emotions strength

The United States candidate for president, Hillary Clinton showed a high level of commitment during the Democratic Party convention where she was elected to run for the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world, this according to the emotional expressions analysis of Hillary during her speech.




The emotional profile that Hilary showed in her metrics is optimal for an enthusiastic and positive speech as she delivered.

Her engagement to the project, is shown in her face. It is clear.

Reliability transmitting by her face, it is clear, as it is shown in the graph.

Her self-control, benefits from a speech that does not have to deal with negative feelings. It is remarkable her desire to achieve the goal of reach the White House and the order she thinks she has to society.

Her trust is the only indicator that fails. Although she smiles on numerous occasions, she could improve this point being more human, although it is noted that it is the strategy they are trying to chase from the outset.