USA elections’ final stages. Emotions vs polls

Few days after the election date, Emotion Research Lab faces emotions vs. polls. We make an evaluation of the candidates who seem to be more evenly matched than ever. According to the latest survey by The Washington Post and ABC News, Trump slightly leads Clinton for the first time. After the revelations made by FBI Director James Comey, who uncorked the use of a computer server of the ex-Secretary of State for private purposes; Clinton is in the spotlight again because of her emails. Her political opponent indirectly gets that media attraction focus on her in the final stages of the campaign. On the other hand, many sources point it can be a Democratic strategy to sow fear to a hypothetical election of Republican candidate.

Evaluation of debates’ leading emotions

There have been three electoral debates between the two candidates. Although issues have been very different, we can say that they have a common link. Negative emotions have been a constant in them. Thick and combative tone employed by Donald Trump has dragged a Hillary Clinton that apparently has shown composure and strength. The analysis reveals that emotions, especially after the second debate, she was carried away, showing her worst side subconsciously.

emociones vs encuestas

First debate

In the first debate between they two, we could see a well versed Hillary in all topics while Trump boasted he has not prepared anything. Emotionally, the decisive point of both was:

  • Clinton: “He actually began his political activity basing his racist lie” AMAZEMENT 93.30%. Doubts of his rival on Obama’s nationality made she shows a sincere perplexity.
  • Trump: “To be president of this country you need a tremendous stamina” PANIC 94%. His levels of self-control and security declined sharply. It was a very tense moment that led even in a confrontation with the moderator.

Second debate

After the unanimous vote of the media to declare Hillary Clinton as the winner, second debate was expected more equal. Both rivals toughened their speech, showing a visible negativity:

  • Clinton: “When they are low, we raise” WRATH 89.76%. Phrase articulated by Michelle Obama to her friend refers to constant attacks to female by Trump.
  • Trump: “I’m not proud of that. I apologize to my family and to the Americans” OPPRESSION 81.91%. His repentance is sincere in relation to the leaked by the press talks where he made sexist comments.

Third debate

In the latter event, Trump came very touched by the scandals that have been revealed in recent months. Clinton meanwhile lavished least to the media, aware of her advantage:

  • Clinton: “… encouraging espionage against our people” PANIC 99.79%. Given the revelations that Russia could be spying on US. She shows a deep concern about the veiled support that Putin lend to Trump.
  • Trump: “They poison the minds of voters” ARROGANCE 82.60%. He complains of alleged favoritism of the press to his opponent. She shows confidence at this affront.

A few days before the election date, two very different profiles are contesting the presidential elections.

Hillary Clinton, a woman with a long experience in politics, former first lady and former senator. Advocate for women rights and the disadvantaged, attracts the sympathies of minorities and much of the middle class. Her campaign has focused largely on boot out the inexperience of her opponent. Such has been so her possible future role as first woman president of the country has been relegated to the background.

Donald Trump, businessman and famous messianic populist who shakes American society with fear and threats. He aims to stir the fears of the white American protestant on the economy, terrorism, immigrants and loss of identity and power of United States. In addition, Barack Obama’s two legislatures have not convinced a large number of undecided and skeptics who can tip the scales in his favor.

It is surprising that despite his outbursts, his minor preparation and political experience, Trump still have options of reaching the White House. Will he be the next president or will polls fail again?