Emotions on edge: First presidential debate in Mexico

The high emotional intensity lived by the candidates in the first presidential debate in Mexico of the electoral campaign is now a reality, as shown by the analysis of their facial micro-gestures. This is consistent with the follow-up that has been given to the debate, with a multitude of memes and comments on the street, from AMLO Amnesty, to the Mocha hands of El Bronco.

What hides the permanent smile of Ricardo Anaya?

Anaya´s subconscious is analyzed in different fragments of the debate. It shows that the smile on his face is faithful to the HAPPINESS (43%) he feels. Certain moments are identified where FEAR (33%) seizes him, what generates a great congruence with his speech since it coincides with his accusation to AMLO regarding the danger that an amnesty for the culprit would cause, even registering and transmitting PANIC to society. Anaya fulfilled his mission of discredit AMLO (the pointer in the polls), conveying FEAR to society before an eventual victory of Morena and, consequently, the implementation of the policies the party defends.

AMLO, uncomfortable, washing debate ends

The attacked AMLO was not very consistent in his defense of the amnesty proposal, which is why his emotions reveal that he felt FEAR (48%), and BLAME and COWARD at the same time, as secondary emotions. In his successful strategy of becoming a martyr because, as he literally said, “everyone was throwing the pile” records DESPERATION and DISTRUST. It’s understood as a blow to his unconscious that becomes destabilized, although he does not register at any time a peak of out of control emotional, which shows that he was very prepared not to be influenced by the attacks of his opponents and in that sense he got it: although he was emotionally affected by the attacks, he didn´t lose control .

Meade angry against AMLO and distrustful of himself

Meade recorded the greatest emotional peaks in his interventions directly against AMLO. While Anaya chose to instill fear in the population before the eventual victory of AMLO, Meade bet him to anger the electorate for the proposal of amnesty and the supposedly hidden heritage of AMLO. His emotions were congruent with his speech, registering ANGER (44.57%). However, in his momentum to convey that “he wants to team up with those who dream of getting ahead” his emotion was not very consistent with his speech, since it seems that his unconscious seems unable to omit what others criticized about him, which is to add efforts with figures very legally challenged. His emotion in this context was DISTRUST.

Margarita Zavala, almost as uncomfortable as AMLO

Margarita Zavala was consistent in her speech of angering the society regarding AMLO’s proposal, registering ANGER (38.98%). However, her inspiring speech “One gives his life for what he loves, and she, as Mexicans do, gives her life for Mexico” was not convincing enough since it unveiled the analysis that she was feeling a mixture of IRRITATION and JOY. The comments in the media of her participation are in accordance with the BURDEN and the BITTERNESS that she recorded several times.

El Bronco, in his role

Jaime Rodríguez (El Bronco) started the debate being the most empathetic and congruent with the situation of insecurity that Mexico is living. He exhorted his opponents about whether “someone had ever kidnapped their daughters” which did happen to him, as well as the death of a child caused by the organized crime. Despite the seriousness of what he was saying, his emotion at this moment is SERENITY. But undoubtedly the most talked about item of his speech was his proposal to “cut off the hand of whoever steals” which, as the analysis shows, meant a great effort, since his feelings were COWARDICE, BITTERNESS and DESPERATION, due to the awareness of how risky his proposal was. Nevertheless, when he says that this proposal is “literal” he registers ECSTASY. The Bronco feels very calm arriving even to transmit arrogance when he explains how ‘they speak in the North’, which shows that the perception of sexist that many people have of him, does not destabilize him at all, which confirms that he does not consider himself a sexist, on the contrary, he attributes it to the northern speaking way.

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