Last meeting with Felipe VI’s emotions

Mariano Rajoy‘s investiture as Prime Minister of Spain continues. This was announced by the King, proposing him as a candidate for on this week the investiture process is carried out after meeting with all the leaders of the main political parties. Last meeting with Felipe VI’s emotions are variable. As the current political landscape is. On Saturday, Rajoy will be re-elected with the votes of CC and Ciudadanos and PSOE’s abstention, not the PSC.

Between Monday and Tuesday, Felipe VI met, evidence suggests that for the last time, with the candidates. All went to Zarzuela to reaffirm what they will do in the voting. Pablo Iglesias and Javier Fernández showed ECSTASY to this meeting. Instead, Albert Rivera and Mariano Rajoy hinted negative emotions in the greeting.

Iglesias and Fernández’s ecstasy

Iglesias’ emotional constancy at meetings with King is important to analyze. ECSTASY has been present at all the meetings held with Felipe VI. Iglesias shown comfortable in this situation. And now, with PSOE’s support to PP for the investiture, his role as left leader party is closer than ever. This situation is ideal for Podemos.

For his part, Fernández met for the first time with the King as head of PSOE’s Committee. From Emotion Research Lab, we have shown rage and disapproval that produces on him the abstention in the investiture process. However, he is aware that there are not many more options. Maybe Fernández, despite he is not agree, he is sure of have made the decision that the Federal Committee decided. Situation in Spain is unlocked because of the abstention that he has led.

Rivera’s dislike and Rajoy’s unease

Last meeting with Felipe VI’s emotions have not been positive for all candidates. Ciudadanos’ leader continues consistent with the sample of negative emotions towards these meetings. From the shame to the dislike through the pity. Albert Rivera seems bored with these meetings. From the first meetings, he has tried to give in to each other, and that it has only made him lose support. Now that PSOE will abstain to leave PP governs, again Ciudadanos continues without having a deciding vote.

Nominated candidate by the King, Mariano Rajoy, arrived at Zarzuela showing UNEASE. Despite having achieved his purpose, get the abstention of PSOE and be appointed Prime Minister, he knows that this legislature will be the most complicated of democracy. He seeks a stable legislature, but it is not to be easy. Rajoy knows that these four years will be complex and no party will put things easy.

After winning the two latter general elections and after more than 300 days without a government, the ungovernable Spain will return to normal and Partido Popular will get the government. Although not easy times for the Spanish government come.