The emotional peace’s signature at Colombia

After 52 years of war and violence between FARC and the Colombian government, finally the emotional peace’s signature at Colombia has been carried out. An exceptional worldwide news. And that is why much of the international community came to support it. About eight million victims, more than 260,000 dead people and tens of thousands missing people. Numbers will not ascend anymore. That already go down in history.

After four years of deep negotiations at Cuba, peace has come. Although Colombians still have the last word in the polls on October 2nd. Timochenko said in his speech that, from now on, the only FARC weapon is “the word” and that they will do “politics without weapons”.

Emotions of peace’s signature

Timochenko is aware of the challenge he faces as leader of the guerrilla group. He is confident and his emotions are consistent with his words. ECSTASY that he showed greeting with Juan Manuel Santos, indicates it. For his part, Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, showed DISMAY at the signing of the peace treaty. Santos has risen as a good negotiator and has made all international organizations support him at this important juncture for the country. However, he is confused. Colombians do not strongly support the peace process. The result will be on Sunday at the polls, and although everything indicates that YES to peace will win, many citizens feel they are being given too many privileges to the armed group.

Now it is up to Colombian people. International community strongly supports this treaty. Two main leaders have gathered for the emotional peace’s signature at Colombia. What is the last step? Colombians decide at the polls on Sunday if they give an important step towards peace, with concessions by both parts, as in any negotiation, or remain anchored in a stormy past.