The emotional meeting between Obama and Castro

After 88 years a President of the United States, Barack Obama, visited Cuba in an emotional state of ECSTASY and JOY.

His emotions have already been translated into action, to ask the United States Congress to lift the embargo on Cuba,  something that will accretive popularity among those who are in favor of this measure and is a sign to the Cuban president to change his mind and do not fear the threat of the US.

As it is shown in the picture above, meeting began with a friendly greeting between two leaders showing their engagement and confidence in this meeting, judging by their emotional state of ECSTASY shown to the media, relegating to the background violation of human rights, existence of political prisoners and/or the US blockade, as it is shown by the full levels of emotional activation.

Barack Obama has played closeness tricks in his close communication line with the recipients of his message. In this case he wanted to be closed to Cuban people, speaking to them in Spanish. That closeness has been accompanied by proper emotional management that has been transmitied on his face, particularly in the key moments analyzed in this chronicle.

However, despite his efforts, not all Cuban government is comfortable with the visit of the American leader at the Cuban capital. At the time it sounded the American anthem at the Revolution Square, Obama, with hand on heart, heard next to Salvador Valdés Mesa, Vice President of Cuban Council of State and member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

The emotional meeting between Obama and Castro_emotions

Picture above shows a lack of self control of Valdés Mesa, dominated by ANGER with which he was living this situation. Salvador Valdés Mesa has spent his entire political career linked to the Communist Party so that it is consistent that so atypical situation as to receive in his own country the leader of a power that is so hostile for its practice of capitalism will produce certain antipathy to him.

Although his emotional predisposition is not fair, it is clear that both governments are willing to improve their bilateral relations mainly in economic and political matters.

Obama ‘s visit to Cuba, rather symbolic, go down in history as the historic meeting of two countries, which will form part of our memory and particularly those directly involved in this global significance event.