Emotion Research LAB introduce the Emotional Political Barometer

How to read on real time what underlie or hide Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sánchez, Artur Mas, Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera and many other actors words in this tumultuous political moment? In the motional expression we find one of the main answers that we will be revealing daily in this Emotional Political Barometer .

Neuroscientific research has defined that the political behavior and the decision to vote is not only rational and the emotional factor is a key element. The observation of the neural basis has placed emotion not at the end of this process, but as a fundamental part of the action trigger .

Facial emotion recognition evaluates the candidate through the analysis of their emotions compared to his speech to measure if he is credible or not and also opens the door to investigate the emotional impact that is generated in the public beyond what verbalize. What people respond in surveys is the justification and not the real emotion that triggered the action.

The technology created by Emotion Research Lab, the company behind this Emotional Political Barometer, can effectively record the movements of the facial muscles, microexpressions, which then it wil be analyzed with an algorithm. This is a profitable technology that allows highly efficient and less expensive compared to other research neurotechnics. With the advantage of not being intrusive.

It is a fact that we are attending a change in the form of political campaigning. Changes resulting from various factors, including a citizen more informed and connected and whose role is not only receive information, but it can be create. We have also seen how the strategists operating searching that their candidates connect emotionally with citizens with marketing as a great ally. The candidate become a brand in search of voter loyalty,  which dominates the emotional thing.

The key to contemporary emotional strategy is the emotional connection and neuropolitics through the application of neuroscience technologies in a new field to know the subconscious reasons that drive voters behavior and to develop strategies to achieve the emotional connection that results not in voting intentions , but in an effective vote.

María Pocoví

Founder and CEO

Emotion Research LAB