Ecstasy and later upset in the declaration of independence of Catalonia

The eyes of the world are set on Catalonia. After the incidents of October 1 between citizens of Catalonia who tried to vote and the State security forces, there was great expectation to see what steps the Government would follow. In later declarations, the dome of the Generalitat ostentatiously showed its anger.

The tension is at its maximum. The authorities of the Generalitat showed their intention to go ahead. For its part, the Government of Spain awaited the announced declaration to act accordingly. The consequence of offence was announced.

It seemed that the President of the Generalitat, with the support of his government partners, would make the expected announcement. Moments before his appearance, a postponement was requested. Apparently, Junts pel Si met with the CUP to review the document. Nobody knows for sure what happened but Puigdemont changed the script agreed with the anti-capitalist party.

Events rallied and the speech began more than an hour late.

First ecstasy and then upset at the declaration of independence, all in less than a minute

The speech of Carles Puigdemont has been very solemn. There was an atmosphere reserved only for the big occasions

After revealing the facts that have led them to this point, his tone has become grave.

Carles Puigdemont begins the key moment saying “As President of the Generalitat …”, showing a strong DELIGHT and ECSTASY. He knows that this situation is historical and accepts his leading role with responsibility.

Continuing with “I assume to present the results of the referendum in front of all of you”, where we see a deep emotion of DISCONTENT. Undoubtedly, any mention of the referendum produces negative emotions. he remembers with certainty the events that took place in all Catalonia.

When the most important moment arrives he says “… the mandate of the people of Catalonia to become an independent State in the form of a Republic”, reflecting a very high DISCOMFORT first and then ECSTASY. He is aware of the tension caused by the declaration, an unprecedented situation. Hence his discomfort. However, the solemnity of a fact so exciting for him translates into a full ecstasy.

Later, he stated: “… the government and myself propose that the Parliament suspend the effects of the declaration of independence,” which is the moment of greatest dialectical intensity. His emotions of DISGUST and UPSET are more than remarkable. It is not pleasant to have to be forced to suspend the declaration. This will add you into a state of clear disdain

It launches an offer buried to the Spanish government saying “… so that in the next weeks we will initiate a dialogue”. Its uncertainty is really huge so it shows INTRIGUE. he continues with “… without which it is not possible to reach at an agreed solution” where its emotion of REJECTION is very clear. Undoubtedly it is not the best option. Having to rely on others to proclaim independence, he does not like it at all.

And now what?

At the end of the appearance, members of the coalition government signed a joint statement. In a strange act, they signed a declaration of independence that had been produced and canceled at the same time. Moreover, the Parliament had not even voted on that document, questioning the validity of the document.

Everything points out that this strange movement has sought to gain time. The bleeding tragic of companies leaving Catalonia is a fact impossible to ignore. In addition, the Government is confident that someone within the European Union will accept the invitation to mediate.

The Spanish State has activated the mechanisms for the application of Article 155 of the Constitution. President Mariano Rajoy has asked the Generalitat to clarify whether the statement exists or not. Even if it does not occur, the state apparatus may intervene, probably suspending autonomy.

Carles Puigdemont is at a very difficult crossroads right now. On the one hand, if it accedes to the exigencies of the State, it will end years of independence illusions. Your government partners are very likely to abandon you. This would lead to new choices.

On the other hand, if it continues with the proclamation of the republic, the weight of the law will fall on him and his government. We still do not know what can happen, but the State’s response will undoubtedly be strengthened in democracy.

In this historical moment, we will follow with attention the future of events.