Ecstasy and irritation of Peña Nieto for the militarization of the border

The President of the Republic of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, went out to give a statement with ECSTASY and IRRITATION from his home calling the Mexican Nation unit. The reason was none other than the decision of USA President Donald Trump to deploy troops to the construction site of the border wall that will separate Mexico from the USA.

It is the first time that a Mexican politician and in particular the President of the country, comes out to give a message with this tone that is as forceful as it is sarcastic. He flatters the strongholds of Mexico and his fellow citizens, instead of pretending concern as other politicians in his cabinet did on previous occasions.

The general feeling of the Mexican population was of jubilation before the response of its government and in particular of its President. Practically throughout his term he has enjoyed a popularity that is very much questioned by his governed. However, a few months after leaving the presidency, this intervention seems to have raised its level of acceptance and his facial expressions show that his message was clear, convincing and sincere.


Ecstasy and irritation of Peña Nieto when responding to Trump

Of the most noteworthy points that we have wanted to analyze in this barometer, several stand out where the President shines especially. The first is when it addresses the issue of shared responsibility between Mexico and the USA when fighting against organized crime. He uses a serious and forceful tone to his message, registering IRRITATION and WRATH in his speech. It is known that Trump lashes out against Mexicans and tries to punish the trade agreements reached by Mexico and the United States. However, the USA is one of the countries that also has responsibility in the fight against organized crime. Therefore Enrique Peña tries to convey with his words and his face that it is a joint struggle. As much as Trump intends to blame Mexico, Peña Nieto’s message must be clear and he defends it congruently with his face.

Another of the highlights of his speech was when he began to name the presidential phrases, Anaya, Andrés Manuel, Margarita Zavala and Meade, about the unity of the country. Clearly, his potential successor, Meade, can benefit from this initiative that the current President lends him as an inheritance. It gives leadership in a theme that Trump follow the same path, could mark the agenda of the election campaign. A theme, that of territoriality and rooting, that is deeply emotional and that has always united Mexicans, their love for the homeland. A subject that is easy for all the candidates but that would be especially credible in the successor of the PRI member Peña Nieto, Jose Antonio Meade.

At this point, you can see a President who sympathizes little with Anaya, who generates DISCONTENT. Towards AMLO, found emotions, a mixture of ECSTASY and DISCONTENT. Meade causes INTEREST and Margarita Zavala that also generates DISCONTENT.

Perhaps the most commented and expected moment of Peña Nieto was his ironic comment addressing Trump directly. He was a prisoner of ARROGANCE and ECSTASY, as if he had been wanting to express the idea that if Trump has internal problems he should not use Mexico to solve them.
Peña Nieto closes with the words of a former President of the United States, saying that Mexico will not be afraid to negotiate, but will never negotiate with fear. The truth is that the President still does not register fear and judging by the comments on his speech, this one gave everything less fear.

The comments of the journalists and other members of the red circle were quite positive, praising the outgoing President. That can be a breath of fresh air for the PRI candidate.