Disgust and delight: highlights of the emotions in the motion of censure

Since Pablo Iglesias had announced his decision to the government of Mariano Rajoy, we all knew what would happen. However, the emotions of the censorship motion have left us with some really interesting moments.

The Unidos Podemos parliamentary group came to congress with the assurance that their motion would be rejected. In spite of the attempts to attract the PSOE vote, they could only count on ERC, Compromís and EH Bildu.

The highlight of the day was the face-to-face starring Irene Montero and Mariano Rajoy. It was not expected that the president would respond since the first intervention of the parliamentary spokesman of the purple group. The tone was very heavy due to the direct attack on the account of corruption cases.

The Emotions of the Censorship Motion

Joy and delight of a very incisive Irene Montero

Although Pablo Iglesias was running as an alternative candidate in the censorship motion, it was Irene Montero who opened fire. His intention was clear; Overwhelm them with the cases of corruption that weigh on the PP.

When referring to the fact that PP is a party “… to be at the head of a party that has more imputed in its ranks than the members of Congress and the Senate together” shows a considerable amount of DELIGHT. Also, highlights of CYNICISM  and  JOY are shown. These emotions have really high and sustained levels of activation throughout their intervention.

He is baffled when he asserts that “democracy calls for honor” since it shows PANIC and AWE. It could be interpreted as a moment of weakness before his inexperience in quotations of this draft.

By jabbing with a “you no longer have a political project” it is strange how they are invaded by emotions such as ANGUISH and DISCOMFORT.

Deep disgust of Mariano Rajoy before Unidos Podemos

The president of the Government did not play anything. Conscious of his announced victory, he was surprised that he himself would answer the group that had requested the motion from the beginning.

It is worthy to see how the President of the Government, who always shows restraint, shows an amount of DISGUST so profound throughout his speech. It is difficult to find another emotion throughout his speech. Perhaps, we could include the REPULSION that appears too.

When referring to the petition motion of censure and says “is the best proof of the accuracy of that sentence” we see SERENITY and CYNICISM. He has nothing to prove. He is calm and cynical about the quote he is going to say next.

When he speaks of a motion “of blaze … against all at once including yourselves” his DISGUST turns into REPULSION and INDIGNATION. He is certainly annoyed at having to go to a session in which his opinion is a waste of time.

New attempt on insight

In light of what has happened, we can draw some conclusions.

Pablo Iglesias has not managed to become president but he has become the true leader of the opposition. The apparent power vacuum in the PSOE has been exploited by him in an ingenious way.

Mariano Rajoy manages well in the parliamentary sessions. Perhaps he has committed linguistic failures, an inspiration for many memes later. He is aware of being a leader with the feet of clay since its supports are in danger of reeling.

Apparently, a new assault on power is already under way. The leader of Unidos Podemos wants a new censure motion before the end of the year. He seems to have the clear intention of overthrowing a government stigmatized by corruption. The internal problems or the doubts about the Catalan secessionism can weigh its continuity.

We will be attentive in our Emotional Political Barometer to future appointments in this area.