Curiosity versus impatience. Two styles for two conferences

Curiosity versus impatience. Pablo Iglesias versus Mariano Rajoy. Podemos versus PP. Citizen Assembly versus National Congress. It has been an intense weekend for two of the main Spanish political parties.

Madrid was the city chosen by both parties to re-elect their leaders. There were no surprises in either political parties. Mariano Rajoy was elected again President with 95.65% of votes. And Pablo Iglesias won the general secretary with 89% of votes. Nothing has changed either in PP or in Podemos. However, two leaders’ mood was completely different. As their paths to their respective congresses have been.

Curiosity versus impatience. Iglesias versus Rajoy

Podemos arrived at Citizen Assembly of Vistalegre II marked by internal disputes. Especially for the distance in Iglesias and Errejón positions. Both played party’s leadership. But by the percentage of votes that Iglesias obtained, it seems that Podemos’ militancy, does not want anything to change. More radical Podemos wing wins. Nonetheless, Iglesias showed CURIOSITY addressing Congress participants who showed other intentions.

Facial emotions recognition shows us how Iglesias seemed to wonder where to lead Podemos now. The most radical wing of the party, which he leads, has swept Errejón and the anti-capitalists. Leader of the purple party now seeks to consolidate the party as a more radical force, to put the protest in the street in the center. What will happen now with the diversity of ideas that exists in the nucleus of the party? The leader faces the challenge of rebuilding unity in the party. And it’s not going to be easy.

Elsewhere in the Spanish capital, Partido Popular met after delaying this National Congress two years. At PP there are no obvious internal disputes as in the purple party. The atmosphere was much calmer and more relaxed. Rajoy did not play his position. His candidacy was the only proposal. Nor did they talk about compromised issues that persecute them, such as corruption. Although the Gürtel plot is more active than ever. There were even fewer surprises than in Podemos Citizen Assembly. María Dolores de Cospedal loses some power in favor of Fernando Martínez-Maillo, who will be the new general coordinator. But Cospedal continues to have a large number of posts and a key piece at Rajoy Administration.

In spite of the seeming impassibility of the President of Spain, his face evidenced his IMPACIENCE. Why does this concern appear? PP is not going through its best moment. Corruption trials and members of his party who end up testifying before the judges do not cease. Although nothing seems to irritate Rajoy, his emotions show that he is not as calm as he wants to show.

Iglesias and Rajoy remain at the head of their parties. Despite their doubts, as their emotions show, they can rest easy; their bases support them unconditionally.