Felipe VI’s criticized Christmas speech

Traditional Christmas speech of Felipe VI, came to the televisions of all the Spaniards one more year. But this year it seems that very few Spaniards sat in front of the television to listen to him. Maybe because of the schedule or because the situation, more stable than other years, did not presage that it was an emotional message. The fact is that the King’s Christmas speech got the lowest audience level in the last 18 years.

However, some of the phrases that issued during the more than ten minutes that lasted the speech, have caused controversy in some sectors of society. King’s Christmas speech was addressed to Spaniards and stressed improvement of the Spanish economy in recent months. In addition, he also referred to the current political stability after ten months without government in which he has had to work to channel the political situation.

With high levels of activation and a wide range of emotions, Felipe VI urged political groups to understand each other. And as it was done to finally get Spain to have a government in minority, to agree. JOY and the SATISFACTION of his face showed the delight of Felipe VI to have achieved a political understanding. However, addressing the citizens, King showed CONCERN and is that, despite the improvements, he is aware that many sectors of society are still not in a good situation. Felipe VI showed empathy toward them.

A Christmas speech that has caused controversy

What is it then that has made King’s Christmas speech so commented? Felipe VI focused his message towards the future, towards the understanding and asked “not to reopen wounds already closed”. Association for Historical Memory felt a provocation in that sentence and filed a formal complaint with the Ombudsman. But they have not been the only ones who received a message between the lines by the monarch. There was also a message for the Catalan independent people. DISAPROBATION, DISCOMFORT or DISGUSTMENT of Felipe VI when speaking of those who “despise the rights of the Spaniards for the organization of common life” seemed coherent with the message of unity of Spain that the monarch always defends. In addition, King was conclusive and warned that breaking the law only leads to “tensions and confrontations”. His face showed PITY, FEAR and CONCERN. The King sent a clear message to Catalan independent people and was decisive with those who try to break the territorial, political and economic organization of the country.

Despite being an unemotional message, Felipe VI addressed, as is tradition, all the Spaniards with a great variety of emotions, both negative and positive, and in this way, congratulated and wished a Merry Christmas for all Spaniards. After a difficult year and great political instability, Felipe VI tried with his message to motivate the Spaniards for the coming year.