Hillary Clinton’s cowardice on her way to White House

Hillary Clinton is officially democratic candidate to occupy White House. Last day of the Convention has been chosen for her speech. However, the candidate does not show an optimum safety. Hillary Clinton’s COWARDICE during the speech suggests that the former first lady shows some fear at these elections. Donald Trump is not an easy opponent and she is conscious.

After the emotional speeches of Barack and Michelle Obama, ceding Clinton all their support, were her husband, Bill Clinton, and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who approached the public to the most familiar and beloved Hillary. Bernie Sanders also had his moment of glory. In a turbulent convention, everyone expected Hillary Clinton’s speech.

Hillary Clinton’s cowardice on her way to White House

Proud to be the first woman who chooses to White House. That is how Hillary Clinton showed before a motivated audience. She only had negative words for Trump  and told he is “moved by fear”. Perhaps, Clinton will continue this strategy in the coming months? Hillary Clinton tried to move masses with positive emotions and messages but it did not work. She is not safe and that can harm her against a Trump that almost always shows pride and security.

Clinton is a very experienced woman in politics. Her professionalism is undeniable. But these unusual elections can destabilize her message. Hillary Clinton said she will be the President “both of which vote her, and those who do not”. Democratic candidate lacks the obvious charisma of her husband or Obama. This makes her focus on enumerating the measures she intends to take and forgets the emotional speeches that convince the public.

Two big US parties have already embarked on their way to White House. From Emotion Research Lab will continue pending their presentations and successive debates that promise to be exceptional.