Conway, first Trump’s wall

Conway, with an unconventional profile on a presidential staff makes feel her weight in Trump’s administration.

Understanding Conway’s thinking and emotions, and other influential Trump’s advisers, is a vital issue for nations.

She is the first almost impassable filter for agendas such as Mexico, Asia, Middle East, and some issues in Europe.

Anyone who aspires to build a good relationship with Donald Trump has to understand his mind and his ways. Study of the emotional profile of some of the members of his team gives us fundamental complementary elements to understand the woman who today puts at the crossroads the most select and powerful hosts of news programs in Washington D.C, and New York.

Thus, Conway becomes Trump’s first wall for the world. And it was the government of Mexico, headed by President Enrique Peña Nieto, who felt the harshness of the impassable profile of one of the minds that influence the binational agenda of both nations.

Hard experience of the Mexican government must serve to ensure that the commercial partner and neighbor reinvents its strategy of dialogue and negotiation. And so also for other nations that have complicated agendas with Trump’s administration. Kellyanne Conway becomes the “first wall” to be drawn to ensure a “reliable” dialogue with Trump.

Conway’s profile analysis for the strategy design with the office of the President of the United States of America is just one of the characters that strategists of all nations will have to process to ensure better results in the relationship with the most powerful country.

Neutrality and submission present in Conway’s speech

Kellyanne Conway’s emotional profile, head of the campaign that led him to become President of the United States is surprising. Tremendous neutrality with which she confronts interviews is striking. Before a journalist who tries to get her out of her comfort zone, she does not let herself be intimidated and is absolutely neutral and convinced of the message she wants to transmit.

emotional pattern conway

This may seem at first glance something positive for her image and in some cases it may actually turn out that way. But scarcity of emotions in her message, both positive and negative, fails to empathize with the electorate. An electorate that, on the other hand, and due to the last criticized measures carried out by Trump, shows discontent.

Their total emotional profile is positive in relation to to his security and self-control levels. Despite the fact that the journalist tries to get her out of her cells, he does not succeed. And she is comfortable throughout the interview. However, his trust and engagement levels are quite improved. She fails to empathize with the electorate or show a message of engagement to them.

emotional pattern conway

TRUST, ACCEPTANCE, AMAZEMENT, or SUBMISSION are emotions that Conway shows in her speech and that show her satisfaction at the response of Trump’s Administration to the media. Some media that, for them, try to undermine the newly elected republican government and extol the values ​​of the Democratic Party.

Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, accused the press of lying about the amount of assistance to the oath. However, Conway preferred to refine that and treat it as “alternative facts”. Although it may seem a matter that would activate Conway deeply, again neutrality in her words, is greater than any emotion.

Security that Conway shows during her speech is fully observed when she accuses the journalist of asserting the lies his colleagues say about Trump’s government. Conway claims she is above all those fallacies, so try to ignore those comments. DELIGTH, ECSTASY and the GLAD that appear in her face confirm it.

It seems that Conway and the entire Trump government have a script that no one dares to skip. Very high levels of security and self-control, as well as the scarcity of emotions on her face, indicates it. Trump’s administration, and Conway, as the main bastion of this team will not make it easy for the press. They are sure of their words and actions. Like a wall.