Hillary consistent on immigration issue

Democratic candidate demonstrates honesty according to this issue

Migration is a key agenda item in the presidential race

Hillary Clinton shows consistency in her speech talking about the immigration issue, according to the analysis of emotions and expressions made.

The immigration issue is one of the most sensitive points for the US agenda, that’s why the study highlights empathy and sincerity of Hillary Clinton on this issue during her speech at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

The analysis shows her facial micro expressions without restrictions to introuduce an authentic and respectful Hillary Clinton on this sensitive points that occupies an important agenda for whoever is the tenant in the White House shift place.




In this excerpt of Hillary Clinton’s speech she gave at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia from July 28, 2016 to confirm his nomination for the US presidency, Clinton addressed one of the issues that will be key to the outcome of the next presidential election: immigration.

Hillary Clinton shows high levels of self-control, reliability and engagement to discuss this issue. However, her trust in speaking of this matter decreases, knowing that it is a complicated issue that his opponent, Donald Trump, has a very clear position and completely opposite to hers.