Clinton and Trump, captured on negative emotions

Second presidential debate was marked by negative feelings, leaving a balance that does not favor any of the candidates. Donald Trump confirms his belligerent profile that leads us away from a perception of a “statesman”, the great statesman who the Americans demand. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton jumped at the chance to make a decisive difference with respect to the Republican candidate. Negative emotions lead them to a zero-sum game, where no candidate won.

Trump reached the second presidential debate after one of the most tense moments of the campaign. Leaked video in which he recounted his offensive opinion towards women that had achieved that even members of his party, asked his resignation. But he refused. Trump, against the odds, is more Trump than ever. Clinton was erected in her strategy of letting Trump spoke. Negative emotions in the two candidates have been consistent with the covered topics in their speeches.

First debate showed a Trump with low levels of self-control and an amazed Hillary. In this second debate, personal accusations managed to prevail against other vital issues such as the economy or public spending. With so many rough edges, a US citizen, in what was an open public debate, managed the candidates to share something positive from their rival. Hillary valued Trump children’s education and Republican candidate appreciated that Clinton “never gives up”. But before these compliments, the debate was one of the most tense in recent memory.

Donald Trump’s repentance

Trump again apologizes for the words of his video against women, and tried to change the subject talking about ISIS. Contrary to what might be believed, he showed his repentance consistently. Negative emotions that he showed were consistent with his message. Republican candidate had PITY, RAGE, WRATH, GRIEF, AVERSION and even DISAPPOINTMENT in his words. Trump has demonstrated HIS contempt for latin people and women on numerous occasions, but everything indicates that, this time, his repentance is certain.

Fight against ISIS is one of the most recurrent issues in the Trump campaign. TREASON when he is talking about the tortures of ISIS show anger, sadness and GRIEF that cause such violent acts. These negative emotions are mixed with the EXCITEMENT that causes him to mention that he would take measures against them. For everyone is known  Trump’s strong warmongering. And here it is shown once again. Another clear signs of consistency of Republican candidate with the animus that produces ISIS is HATE that transmits to name it. Trump hates ISIS and is willing to do anything to defeat him.

Clinton’s apparent confidence

Democratic candidate was less smiling and relaxed than in the first debate that pitted them last September. However, that did not stop her, again, all surveys are given her as the winner of this second debate. Clinton had to endure Trump threatened to jail her if he becomes President of the United States. She did not answer. She has a clear strategy. Do not succumb to the strong attacks of her opponent. Although Trump try it in all possible ways. Even bringing to the debate four women who accused her husband of sexual abuse and harassment.

Clinton tried to show confidence in her victory paraphrasing First Lady Michelle Obama and even tried to look reliable and positive, it also raised at her negative emotions. Despite treating Obama as “my friend”, RAGE and REPULSION appeared in her gestures. Perhaps the relationship between them is not as close as they want to appear? “When they go low, you go high” was the phrase she chose to demonstrate the strength of the Democratic party against the Republican. Right now that even within Trump’s party, they asked for his resignation. However, Hillary Clinton did not seem too sure of it, as she transmitted from the RAGE and PANIC on his words.

It was a tense debate, full of negative emotions and personal rudeness. Trump was more human, even repented of his words. Hillary is no longer so relaxed and she is not consistent with the strength of the message she wants to convey. It will be still a last debate. Last chance of both to persuade Americans and decant their vote to one or another option.