Candidate’s emotions at the beginning of the campaign

Electoral campaign begins in Spain and the four candidates for the presidency of Spain have taken the streets to bring their proposals to the citizens. The traditional night of putting up posters has helped us to understand candidate’s emotions at the beggining of the campaign from Emotion Research Lab have analyzed using the technique of facial emotion recognition. The first messages and the first emotions, have made clear that in this campaign, the four leaders have a great aim and all have said that there won’t be a third election.

The start of the season has occurred the same day that the electoral barometer of the CIS for the 26J certify what was an open secret: Popular Party would win the election and sorpasso of Unidos Podemos to PSOE is virtually guaranteed. Under these conditions begins a campaign that also last night gave the starting signal to the first television debate between women ‘s on history. Carolina Bescansa by Unidos Podemos, Margarita Robles by PSOE, Andrea Levy for the PP and Inés Arrimadas by Ciudadanos were chosen for discuss in a tense debate, especially in matters relating to employment and corruption.

Candidate’s emotions at the beggining of the campaign

Respect of Mariano Rajoy


Mariano Rajoy, who is the favorite in all polls, began the campaign at a ceremony at Madrid’s Templo de Debod surrounded by the staff of Partido Popular, which said that both his party and he will undertake a “clean and constructive campaign”. His words and the strategy that has continued since the last elections are fully consistent with the RESPECT they showed in the act. Rajoy continues displaying moderate and restrained in these two weeks remaining until the elections. Former President of the government has a high level of confidence for new elections. Since all the polls give a clear advantage over the other candidates, Mariano Rajoy and the Popular Party are calm and are unwilling to get into battles that can make them lose votes.

 Pedro Sánchez’s anger

Las emociones de los candidatos en el inicio de campaña

For its part, PSOE came to the Plaza Pedro Zerolo to act in a sort of homage to the deceased member of the Socialist Party. Given the poor prospects for the polls, which ensure sorpasso from Unidos Podemos to PSOE, Pedro Sánchez tried to motivate the socialists to vote for him and said that “the future is not written”. However, the ANGER shown by the candidate in his speech, is not consistent. Sanchez was denied of invest as Prime Minister twice after the 20D and that, added to the possible advancement of Unidos Podemos in the upcoming elections can increase their disgust. Self control levels also decrease, which can work against him for the electoral campaign that the PSOE is played to maintain its position as left party leader more than ever.

Pablo Iglesias ecstasy

Las emociones de los candidatos en el inicio de campaña

Leader of Unidos Podemos was excited to surveys that consolidate his party as the second political force in votes and seats in the country but he also urged caution. However, Pablo Iglesias, accompanied by members of his party and the leader of Izquierda Unida, Alberto Garzón, on stage, showed ECSTASY to the situation posed, which affected the high level of confidence and commitment detected. The euphoria of the whole party, and voters also extrapolates to the campaign strategy they are following, appealing to the positivity and enthusiasm. Iglesias, in his speech, also reached out to PSOE to form a possible coalition if, as it appears, they happen to be in these elections a key force in the formation of government.

 Albert Rivera’s contempt

Las emociones de los candidatos en el inicio de campaña

Another party that intends to maintain its relevance in the Spanish political space after the elections, is Ciudadanos. After the December elections, Ciudadanos has established itself as the party that has sought a pact to achieve governance in Spain. However, their seats have never been decisive. Have failed in finding an agreement and fourth relegated since the surveys granted him determine their leader CONTEMPT, Albert Rivera, showed in the first campaign event last night. Rivera, who has always tried to show himself as the guarantor of the political center, has intensified its criticism both to the management of the PP as to the policies of Unidos Podemos. Ciudadanos’  leader in his speech addressed to the undecided people and was much more defensive than last season, which has hurt him, reducing the level of self-control and maintaining insecurity.

Emotions of the candidates at the start of campaign have demonstrated the strategic difference between the parties. Moderation of Rajoy, disgust of Sánchez, extreme happiness of Iglesias and the disdain of Rivera show that this political campaign will not be like the previous one we live just six months ago and that political parties will do their best to capture all the votes to unblock the current situation in Spain.