Aversion of the president to dreadlocks

In the act of constitution of the Parliament on January 13th the new President of the Congress of Deputies, Patxi Lopez was elected and certainly that day were many novelties. We could see the emergence of new parties generating unusual situations. Carolina Bescansa exercised her mother role from her seat in Congress and it was shown a new dress code that at least is out of the norm to which we are accustomed . Thus, in this new order and style, the first images of Mariano Rajoy, looking at Alberto Rodríguez’s dreadlocks, deputy of Podemos in Tenerife realize the inevitable discomfort against the new tenants of the congress.

Changes at Congress

New policy has come to Parliament. Thanks to parties like Ciudadanos or Podemos, the new social situation in Spain is represented by young politicians who have changed the traditional way of understanding society. This change could be seen in the results December 20th’s elections. An example of this new generation of young politicians is Alberto Rodríguez, deputy of Podemos in Tenerife. During the act of voting the new president of the Courts, this curious imagen happened in front of Mariano Rajoy, it was immediately pick up by all media. This snapshot occupied large headlines in the national newspapers .

Emotional analysis shows the aversion shown by the president, combination of anger and disgust, reluctantly to changes at Congress.

It remains to be if this new way of understanding politics really brings the changes that a significant part of Spanish society craves. Something even more important is whether this will translate into a new way of making decisions at the Parliament who can reflect the social and political exciting moment we are living.