Artur Mas expressed his “lust for win” following the rejection of CUP

Emotional analysis of Artur Mas statements before the meeting of the new executive of Democratic Convergence of Catalonia, following the rejection of the CUP to support his investiture.

  • “New executive from Convergence “: CONSTERNATION. Mas is aware of the breakup of the independence option with the transformation of CiU in CDC.

  • “The powers of Madrid” HATE/CONSTERNATION: Mas really transmit with his face the clash between the Catalan independence and the unity of Spain that the central branches of government promote.
  • “They have always tried to make this country could not succeed” HATE/CONSTERNATION: Same approach as in the preceding sentence.
  • “Some of here put things excessively difficult” INDIGNATION: Mas is aware that he is losing support and CUP is not as easily to convince as ERC, but it is a more consistent game, and his expression denotes alienation from reality as long as he does not conceive that CUP has finally not support him.