Analysis of the posters of the political parties

Analysis of the posters of the principal  political parties

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Mariano Rajoy

In contrast to the rest of the candidates, the candidate of “Partido Popular” has a high degree of neutrality  which combines with slogan of the election campaign of “Spain seriously”. The mix of anger and surprise determine that his principal emotion is indignation.

Pedro Sánchez

The candidate of “PSOE” transmits pride considering that is the head of the list of an historic party as socialist, being relationed too to the message of his campaign slogan.

Albert Rivera

Activation are very high and tend to happiness. The aspiration of this photo has been transmit a positive emotion being his principal emotion, thearrogance.

Pablo Iglesias

The main emotion is fault. The mixture between happiness and fear could be understood as fault in a subconscious way by the voter.