An independent Catalonia produces sadness on Rajoy

Government of Spain and Government of autonomous community of Catalonia, now with Carles Puigdemont as a leader, resumed relations that were broken two years ago due to tense affair on Catalonia’s self-determination. Catalan President arrived at the Moncloa in a inclement day in the Spanish capital that seemed to predict that this meeting would not be pleasant either. Puigdemont did not show surprised about disagreements: “An abyss separates us”, he said and in the press conference , it was confirmed that an independent Catalonia produces sadness on Rajoy as it is discussed from Emotion Research Lab using facial emotion recognition technique.

Mariano Rajoy had special details with the Catalan president by giving him as a gift the second part of Don Quixote and his appearance before the media, something not usually done in other interviews with regional presidents and that he did not do for a month. Meanwhile, Carles Puigdemont does not give up his principles and he handed Rajoy part of the inaugural speech last January 10th in which he recounted his independence commitment.

An independent Catalonia produces sadness on Rajoy

Catalan independence is not an easy matter for role government throughout his legislature he has had to face challenges by the Government of Artur Mas as the Catalan consultation promoted by the Government on November 9th where 80,76 % of voters voted yes to the two questions posed on Catalonia as an independent state. It is consistent that emotions like SADNESS, BETRAYAL and ANGER prevail in Rajoy ‘s speech after the meeting. High activation in the words of the President in office shows that he feels really stimulated and Catalan self-determination is not a matter to which display impassive.

BETRAYAL in the speech is when he is speaking of independence as something “personal”. Both Rajoy and PP have always shown rejection for a referendum of a possible independence of Catalonia. His staunch defense of the unity of Spain agrees with anger and surprise that he feels if he imagines a part of Spain to crack. Same approach is clear from his statement that the future of Spain “all Spaniards have to decide it” and “what we will defend” and that while he remains in government, no separatist referendum will be held .

SADNESS is predominant throughout his speech and is extremely consistent with the negative emotions that the acting President of Spain feel towards this issue. Sadness hovers in his argument when he speaks of “the matter”, “defend”, “the unity of Spain” , “national sovereignty” and when he speaks “of all Spaniards”. Mariano Rajoy shows sad about the possibility that what he defends, can break it.

“Without law there is no democracy” has been one of the most talked about by the media sentences. Emotional analysis says that the leader of Popular Party showed DESPERATION, ANGER and SADNESS. Again Rajoy is observed negative to accept Puigdemont  request of the Spanish government to allow a referendum on the independence of Catalonia. These negative emotions are able to move them in words and although he shows himself open to dialogue, he warns that his obligation is to “fulfill and enforce the law.”

Despite deep differences that separate them , both leaders closed the possibility that soon their respective vice presidents, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and Oriol Junqueras, meet to study other points as the coordination of the response to refugee crisis, new model of regional financing or distribution of the deficit.