The amazing NO of Sánchez in negotiations with Rajoy

Spain seems to go down for a third election. At least that is extracted from the fourth meeting of Rajoy and Sánchez. There is no agreement yet. The amazing NO of Sánchez to Rajoy remains intact. The investiture of Rajoy seems to be failed.

Pedro Sánchez, despite contrary voices of his party, believes in no to the investiture. Sánchez motivated Rajoy to attend the investiture session, knowing that for now, it will be unsuccessful. Will Sánchez attend to a second investiture session if this happens? The socialist leader has been ambiguous in his answer. The only thing he is thinking is to talk  about Rajoy to urge him to seek support “on the right”.

The amazing NO of Sánchez in negotiations with Rajoy

Sánchez has reaffirmed that PSOE will not be in the grand coalition that PP proposes to unblock the situation in Spain. He showed RAGE talking about this coalition. Sánchez would not be comfortable, as he ratified on several occasions, if this happens. PSOE is the “alternative to Partido Popular”, not its partner. In addition, Sánchez shows consistent with his words and he was AMAZED that Rajoy continues his idea of forming such a coalition.

There is a remarcable PANIC transmitted by Sánchez to name the “right”. Socialist ideology of the leader of the PSOE is noted consistently in this moment. However, Sánchez seems resentful at the idea that Ciudadanos, PP and the catalonian separatists have transferred the presidency of Congress to Ana Pastor. Sánchez shows RESENTMENT since Patxi López, a socialist, has lost his position.

Socialist leader again launched responsibility to Partido Popular and Mariano Rajoy. With AMAZEMENT and PERPLEXITY, Pedro Sánchez said that “if anyone wants to agree with Mr. Rajoy, the problem is Mr. Rajoy” and he should find support that has not yet obtained of any party. Except the abstention of Ciudadanos, which won’t be useful without the support of the socialists.

Despite internal wars within his party, Sánchez transmits high levels of security and confidence in speaking of the Committee of his party. They will take decisions together if the negative vote, that seems unshakable, it becomes an abstention or an unlikely positive vote.

After meeting with Sánchez, Rajoy will meet with Rivera. Can he convince Ciudadanos that will vote them positively? Will he finally reach the support he needs to avoid third elections in Spain?