An amazed Hillary beat a full-of-rage Trump

Debate that faced Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump was expected for everyone. And it did not disappoint. Clinton was preparing it for days and not going to campaign events. Trump, a television animal, said it that he did not need preparation. Clinton was more relaxed, smiling and contained. Trump, full of anger and tension. With two more debates and a very close campaign, an amazed Hillary Clinton beat a defensive Trump.

Clinton, more experienced, amazed at the Trump’s “racism”

Clinton is much more prepared and experienced than Donald Trump. And to prove it was one of her great strengths. Calm and tranquility with which she presented to the debate, noted in his speech. Her high levels of self-control and security and prove it. Hillary tried at all times to destabilize her opponent. And that he said any of his constant insults. Hillary was amazed by accusing Donald Trump to be racist. In addition, he reminded viewers the doubts Trump said he had about the true nationality of Barack Obama. This caused her DISSATISFACTION and RAGE. Clinton defended Obama consistently showing ANGER and NUISANCE toward the incredible claims of the Republican candidate.

In addition, Hillary Clinton recalled how Trump began his career with DISTRESS, AMAZEMENT and NUISANCE due to racism of the events recounted. Clinton showed DISAGREEMENT, ANGER and ANXIETY by striking out Donald Trump with his racist behavior towards African Americans. Hillary was really worried and alarmed by these facts.

Donald Trump, full of anger, does not believe in Clinton’s strength

Donald Trump harshly attacked Hillary Clinton and her health, which resented few weeks ago. Trump accused former Secretary of State of the US of not having adequate strength to become President of the United States. It was one of the most tense moments of the night. He went to the Democratic candidate with PANIC and ANGER, which made lower his levels of self-control and security, achieving an unsuitable position for a debate in which both played a lot. Even he faced the moderator of the debate, Lester Holt, revealing his more nervous and anxious side. He showed PANIC, AMAZEMENT and RAGE in his speech when he attacked Hillary personally. For him, Hillary does not have the ability or the strength to defend the United States in any negotiations. Despite having experience in foreign affairs that she had as she reminded him.

Neither of the two options to the White House clearly won this debate. We will have to wait for the next two debates. And see if Trump gets sharp in his attacks on Hillary Clinton and if she leaves traces of nervousness as the campaign advances. For now, none of the alternatives has an advantage. Both will have to put all their strength to get to the polls, with the greatest possible advantage over their opponent. This campaign has only just begun.