Alberto Garzón’s emotions to a pact with Podemos

Only two weeks to the King returns to convene another round of consultations with the representatives of the political parties to avoid the possibility of other elections and no possibility of agreement it is in sight. Deadlock in negotiations was clear after the trialogue meeting between PSOE, Ciudadanos and Podemos, after which it was impossible to reach an agreement between the three political forces.

Difficult situation in which Ciudadanos and PSOE left to the party represented by Pablo Iglesias caused that he is going to leave in the hands of the bases the decision to reach an agreement with both parties. Its main representatives have already expressed an unfavorable opinion towards the pact and their intention to form a progressive government in which Ciudadanos it is not. To achieve this goal Pablo Iglesias wanted to come near Alberto Garzón to try to reach an agreement between the two parties ahead of new elections. From Emotion Research Lab we wanted to analyze Alberto Garzón’s emotions to a pact with Podemos.

Alberto Garzón’s emotions to a pact with Podemos

Alberto Garzón, with self confidence, has manifested that is in favor of forming a progessist coalition facing a possible new elections to prevent a government of Partido Popular and Ciudadanos as several election polls suggest. His main emotions during his speech has been CONSTERNATION and SADNESS, consistent with the political context in which Spain is right now. It can be seen his SADNESS and INDIGNATION in front of the possibility of a government of Partido Popular and Ciudadanos when he says: “In my opinion that possibility is really important”.

Most surprising is that when he expresses “for avoid it, I think that a coalition between Podemos and Izquierda Unida, Unidad Popular” his main emotions are: DISAPPROVAL, BETRAYAL, and CONSTERNATION. This could be a result of the initial failed negotiations that kept both parties before elections 20D to form a coalition. But, at the same time, when he says “could avoid this circumstance” he feels PRIDE and DESPERATION.

As well, we find contradictions between his words and his emotions when he says INDIGNANTLY “awakening a sufficient enthusiasm among citizens” being as the new purple party has reached in a short lifetime being the third political force with a greater number of votes than Izquierda Unida and this party no has other option than come near to Pablo Iglesias. In the same line, when he says “different projects such as Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Compromís …” feels CONSTERNATION and DISAPPROVALas a result of the political differences between them and probably for FEAR that Pablo Iglesias could absorb these political formations.

Emotional analysis throughout his speech reflects that his main objective is to avoid the possibility of a government  of Partido Popular with Ciudadanos, and the DESPERATION of Alberto Garzón has led him to be in favor of  the big progressist coalition of the minority parties to avoid the electoral law and get a greater number of votes, despite its visible unfavorable opinion about it.

There are still several weeks for the parties and the king try to unblock the situation in which the negotiations , but because such agreements are in a difficult situation, each party has begun a policy strategy for the foreseeable future elections on June.