Afflicted Aznar on Iraq’s strategy

More than ten years later, Iraq’s war is still booming. A new report has affirm communication strategies that wanted to follow José María Aznar and Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Spain and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at that moment, to prove to the public opinion that they had done everything possible to avoid war but there was no choice. If we go back to the press conference that Blair and Aznar awarded in February 2003, date where according to ‘Chilcot report‘, this strategy was agreed, facial emotion recognition technique of Emotion Research Lab shows us an AFFLICTED Aznar, aware of the deception that he was presenting to society.

Extensive research was discussed this week in the British Parliament, where Blair was criticized  for making the population believe that they had tried to implement all legal and peaceful means before invading Iraq. However, as this report shows, reality is not like this, although they did their best to make believe the UN that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, this war was not provided with legitimacy.

 Spanish former president, José María Aznar, was also named on numerous times in the ‘Chilcot report’ as one of the protagonists of this communication strategy that sought to manipulate public opinion for support in an unjustified maneuver war. This image of the 2003 meeting he had with Blair is very decisive. It presents an AFFLICTED Aznar with low levels of security and fear of repercussions that this tactic not entirely morally right could affect his image or in the next elections approaching in Spain and as finally happened, making the Socialist Party won the 2004 general elections.