A consternated Hillary Clinton on the way to the White House

Hillary Clinton has become the first woman in history to proclaim herself a candidate for President of the United States by the Democratic Party. After forty years of experience in politics as a senator, secretary of state and first lady, now she has managed to beat the other Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, and aspires to follow Barack Obama at the White House.

In the last Super Tuesday Democratic primary and after winning four of the six states in which it voted, Clinton addressed supporters in New York with her husband, former US President, Bill Clinton, with whom she melted in an emotional embrace after her speech.

By the technique of facial emotion recognition of Emotion Research Lab, a consternated Hillary Clinton on her way to the White House that is aware of the milestone to which it is, and she gave clear signs of it in her appearance.

A consternated Hillary Clinton on her way to the White House

Democratic Party candidate for president of the United States of America expressed CONSTERNATION, perhaps the whole situation she is living and because in the XXI century it is news that a woman can become President of the United States. BLAME appeared when she remind the public that “it is the first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be the main candidate of the party to be President of the United States”. This can be seen as a sign of responsibility, she understood that many hopes are pinned on it and it will not be easy to correspond to all demands. Despite being a positive and optimistic speech, confidence level issued by Hillary Clinton is low, which is not consistent.

The applause and cheers of public increase FEAR and SURPRISE on her face. Clinton feels the support of her followers but she knows again will not be easy and she has a great task before her. Her whole speech is full of CONSTERNATION, also when she speaks of Seneca Falls, mythical place in the US since 1848, in the same place the first convention on the rights of women, the cradle of American feminism and flag that she has been carried throughout the campaign.

The candidate gives in to the audience and said: “Tonight belongs to all of you”, which raises the audience’s applause. At that time, Hillary Clinton shows FEAR and CONSTERNATION. Hillary Clinton does not accompany her expression with the victorious tone of her speech, which lacks happiness, which is incongruous and lowers confidence.

Winning speech that Clinton exhibited in New York has revealed that she knows of responsibility which is complicated issues and that from now on she will face, something that will not be easy. The road to the White House just begun and now, fighting the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, is the next step to become a historical figure to proclaim herself first female as US President.