A confident Kuczynski wins Perú’s elections

Without knowing the rural and overseas votes to know official final results, with almost 80% of the votes counted, a confident Kuczynski wins Perú’s elections. With, for now, 50.8% of the vote has managed to unexpectedly defeat Keiko Fujimori, daughter of imprisoned Alberto Fujimori, leader of the Latin American country between 1990 and 2000.

Peruvians were called to the polls on Sunday to vote in second round after elected last April 10th that Fujimori and Kuczynski were elected to pass these second elections. Throughout the campaign, tempers have been tense and posturing among the candidates, continued. Keiko Fujimori seemed to have a strong advantage over the current winner and even some polls gave her a superiority of 5 or 6 points on the PPK’s candidate. Debates and tough attitude that Kuczynski showed in recent weeks have been crucial to this almost certain victory. Again,antifujimorism has won the election battle.

Keiko Fujimori, however, still seems to expect a miracle. With this 80% of the votes counted, Fujimori went to the hundreds of people who were waiting for her to give confidence she will win with rural votes that remain. Minutes earlier, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski went to the balcony of his party headquarters with his wife to thank, much more cautious than his opponent, for the support. With an optimistic but content speech, Kuczynski asked for contention until the results were official and said that they should “be vigilant not to rob us of the votes at the table” warning about the possible electoral fraud that can occur in a country with a complicated electoral process and little information among voters in some rural areas.

A confident Kuczynski wins Perú’s elections

Using the facial emotion recognition technique, evidenced as in his speech, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was CONFIDENT that the election result, to be known accurately on Friday or Saturday of next week, make him president of the Andean country. Although with a cautious message, Kuczynski showed in his message high levels of trust and engagement and harangued the population to trust that the change is near and to be optimistic about a new time is coming.

However, PPK’s leader not have it easy if finally wins as noted all results since he will be at a Congress domintaed by Fujimori’s supporters and opposition from all parties that, although gave their support to defeat Keiko Fujimori, they do not support him after the elections.